Bed Mattresses

Omar Sponge Factory provides the best and highest quality bed mattresses in Afghanistan, and you can get the best & standard bed mattresses from Omar Sponge Factory. Sleep is one of the most important functions of the body. We sleep for about a third of our lives. So let's think about a suitable and standard bed mattress for a comfortable sleep. Having poor sleep due to sleeping on an uncomfortable and non-standard bed can negatively affect our health, emotions and thinking power.

A standard bed mattress is a mattress purchased from a reputable and reputable factory. You can not expect to buy a bed mattress that is standard from a factory without qualifications and accreditation. So in the first step, buy a good and standard mattress from Omar Sponge Factory.

Omar Sponge Factory was established in 2006. it has 15 years of experience in the production of sponges, bed mattresses, home mattresses, pillows, house mats and Arabic mattresses. We always consider quality and credibility and for us customer satisfaction is one of the valuable elements of our business. Omar sponge factory is an example of industry and trade in Afghanistan