Sponge is one of the goods that are used in different industries and in every industry, sponge has its efficiency and Omar sponge factory tries to sell different types of sponges in different models. Omar Sponge Factory is a producer of sponges in different provinces of Afghanistan and offers its products to buyers with a high quality level.

Omar Sponge Factory is one of the best manufacturers of sponges that these materials are produced with high quality in the world, which has the ability to compete with foreign products. Omar sponge factory, in addition to meeting domestic needs, especially in the field of production and manufacture of sponges, also thinks about exporting abroad and has the ability to export sponges to different countries of the world.

You should consider that:
- Buying from factories with a history can be a reason for the high quality sponge.
- Do not accept the color of the sponge as a reference for any factory.
- Be sure to measure the weight of the sponge.
- Test the pressure resistance of the sponge by pressing the open palm on the sponge.
- Pull the sides of the sponge with your index finger and thumb should not tear easily.
- Compare the dimensions of the sponge, especially its thickness, with what is stated.