Different Pillows

Omar Sponge Factory offers the best beautiful and quality pillows in Afghanistan along with sponge production. Poor quality pillows often change shape and angle due to pressure and leaning, making it impossible for you to use the pillows for a long time. So we offer quality pillows that are produced and prepared by Omar Sponge Factory. Omar Sponge Factory proudly with 15 years of experience in producing and manufacturing provides the best pillows throughout Afghanistan.

Good pillows with quality  sponge are a good tool for treating and preventing diseases of the head, neck and spine. These pillows are made of sponge and are designed in such a way, By removing the position of the head, neck and body in a sleeping position, it removes pressure and tension from the limbs and vertebrae of the neck. And it makes you lean and sleep easily.

So the service of manufacturing and production of sponges and pillows, Omar sponge factory is the best option for ordering and buying quality sponges and pillows.