Or, go along when there are specific events like pub quizzes or family events. The main, and most legitimate, reason for rejection may be that you were bested by another candidate – in other words, this job is not for you. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it always pays to find out why you were passed over, either at the application or at the interview stage. There are three main reasons for consistent rejection, and it helps to accept rejection more easily if you know those reasons. Sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of everything you think you should be doing. When you go back to your list, put things in order of priority, grouping things that can be done together.

Here are some ways to ease stress linked with job hunting and work. Structuring your thought process and daily routine is imperative for those wanting to overcome unemployment depression and will be beneficial to any job search. Michelle helped Alison to update her CV and advised her to highlight her transferable skills. Alison felt a customer service role would suit her as she enjoyed talking to people. Michelle received information internally from her colleague about a part time role with Subway. She applied for the role through Shaw Trust and was shortlisted for an interview.

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If we’re depressed, our self-talk is usually negative and can trigger us into a shame spiral. Searching for jobs can seem very lonely because it’s as if we have to constantly prove ourselves to others and tell them how amazing we are even when we think nothing is further from the truth. With this in mind, here’s one way of slowing down the mind racing before you venture on the job seeking. Is it the mental health problem that stops us working or the work that creates the mental health problem?

  • It mentioned about there being so many recruiters and recruiting agencies, yet people were still unemployed.
  • In reality, it’s far from fair, and jobseekers on the receiving end of repeated rejections lose confidence and sometimes learn to distrust the entire system.
  • Inappropriate hiring practices
    Some companies reject or don’t notice decent candidates by mistake or due to malpractice.
  • We aim to help our clients either get back into work or stay at work.

For further information, please see her professional profile on LinkedIn. The government survey of 2018 revealed several warning signs in the social psychology of those aged years in Japan, compared to, say, Korea, the United States, Germany, the UK, France, or Sweden. It revealed low self-esteem among Japanese, particularly those in their late teens to early 20s. They saw themselves in a much less positive light than young people from other countries.

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He is worried that being unemployed will make him feel worse. “People with mental health issues don’t do well with uncertainty. Many people have found their mental https://remotemode.net/blog/job-search-depression-exists-and-it-has-to-be-addressed/ health has been impacted by the widespread social isolation of lockdown, now almost a year into when Boris Johnson first announced the national stay-at-home order.

job hunting depression

For more inspo, you can take a look at our article on starting your own business here. The connection between your mind and body is truly
astounding. When you experience mental and emotional stress, your body may
react with stomach cramps, hormone imbalance, acne, and a host of other issues. When the negative self-talk starts up, you can use the same ‘Stopping Shaming Thoughts’ technique to help you recover from disappointment.

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When any job application is rejected, it is only natural to feel disappointed, and when the rejection continues, self-esteem falls and self-confidence can be lost. These negative feelings might even create another situation that confirms students’ sense of failure as a self-fulfilling prophecy. After a while some feel helpless, feeling increasingly convinced that all further effort is wasted, so it is better not to even try. This is the state that psychologist Martin Seligman called ‘learned helplessness,’ a complete loss of hope for the future (Samuel, 1994). Thus, the job hunt in Japan can pose various mental health risks among youth, and sometimes very serious ones. This fact is increasingly being recognised only in recent years.

job hunting depression

Especially as the day and time arrives for me to put myself in front of a panel of people. Having worked in careers and been through many interviews, I have learnt to ‘reframe’ the situation. I redirect my thoughts to be excited at having the opportunity to meet the panel and find out more about the job, rather than be overwhelmed by nerves.


If you find yourself wondering “why is it so hard to get a job?”, you’re not alone – it’s something everyone goes through on the path to greatness. Did you know Stephen King’s Carrie was rejected a whopping 30 times before being published? Even the Beatles were turned down initially, and everything worked out just fine for them. Creativity and thoughtfulness can’t thrive under stress, but
they’re essential to finding a job you’ll love.

Even if it’s just for friends and family to start with, anything productive done during this time off will look good on your CV. A combination of a) being young, and b) having a lot of spare time, https://remotemode.net/ could actually provide ample opportunity to find a side-hustle while you job search. Psychologist and career coach Denise Taylor has some advice that’ll be sure to help you cope with unemployment.

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