To qualify, applicants must have two years of work experience in security. The five-day CEH training course consists of 20 modules and more than 220 labs that cover how to use thousands of hacking tools and how to hack multiple OSes. CISSP applicants must demonstrate five years of experience in at least two of the domains to qualify for the exam. CISSP training can be completed through self-study or via in-person or online courses. The four-hour exam, composed of 125 to 175 multiple-choice questions, has a passing score of 70%.

What does a Certified Ethical Hacker do?

Ethical hackers use their knowledge to secure and improve the technology of organizations. They provide an essential service to these organizations by looking for vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach. An ethical hacker reports the identified vulnerabilities to the organization.

Next, you’ll explore how attackers can manipulate ARP by taking advantage of the default functions of the ARP protocol. You’ll move on to examine how attackers trick users into sharing personal information through DNS poisoning. Finally, you’ll learn about common security controls that allow networks to communicate, while still adding layers of scrutiny, control, and obfuscation. Performing a vulnerability assessment allows you to locate potential weaknesses in systems, networks, and channels of communication. In this course, you’ll learn about the different types of vulnerability assessments.

How are ethical hackers different than malicious hackers?

Security+ covers how to assess an enterprise’s security, from monitoring and securing hybrid environments to identifying and responding to security incidents. PenTest+ focuses on pen testing, vulnerability scanning, legal and compliance understanding, and how to report to stakeholders. CASP+, designed for senior practitioners, covers technical skills that include, among others, pen testing. It is the new basis of competitive advantage, and it is transforming every profession and industry. If all of this is true – even inevitable – then cyber crime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world.” – Ginny Rometty, former Chairman, President and CEO of IBM Corp. The CEH exam is a worthwhile investment if you’re interested in ethical hacking or a related position.

  • To become CEH certified, you must pass the CEH examination after either attending CEH training at an Accredited Training Center like Simplilearn, or through self-study.
  • CASP+ is a 165-minute exam with a maximum of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions.
  • Additionally, the course provides you with 6-months of free access to CEH v12 iLabs, allowing you to practice your ethical hacking skills.
  • This course revolves around thoroughly teaching the five phases of ethical hacking including gaining access, maintaining access, reconnaissance, track covering, and enumeration.
  • Learn how to use the latest techniques and tools to perform foot printing andreconnaissance, a critical pre-attack phase of the ethical hacking process.
  • EC Council security experts have designed over 220 labs, which mimic real-time scenarios to help you “live” through an attack as if it were real.
  • According to, ethical hackers earn over $80,000 per year on average, not including bonuses.

EC-Council employs nearly 1,000 full-time employees across the world, all dedicated to providing you with the best experience in training, certification, and skill development. Our committed advisors are only a phone call away and happy to talk to you about your career ambitions and help guide you in any way we can. We suggest filling out the form on this page to get connected with an advisor and we will be happy to reach out, or give us a call any time. Learn about different Denial of Service and Distributed DoS attack techniques, as well as the tools used to audit a target and devise DoS and DDoS countermeasures and protections. It was designed to indicate that the holder understands how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer systems.

CCSP Certification Training

Next, you’ll examine the nine steps of the incident handling and response process to help familiarize yourself with the actions and expectations you may need to take to properly deal with a security incident. You’ll learn about effective tools for protecting against advanced threats, as well as the role artificial intelligence and machine learning play in the current cybersecurity battlefield. Finally, you’ll examine standards, regulations, and laws that govern how computer systems must be secured and maintained.

  • Entire library of core and expanded courses, exams, projects and interactive courses.
  • C
  • You’ll examine containers, technologies like Docker, and orchestration, as well as common security challenges.
  • You will be exposed to the entire domain set of the C|EH program over 5 days with 2.5 days mixed throughout the course of hands-on practice, demonstration, and challenges.

To land some of the best jobs in cybersecurity with the best companies, a master’s degree is often preferred and sometimes required. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to advance your career, a master’s degree can help ensure high pay, job security and expanded career opportunities. Learn what social engineering is, who is being targeted, and how attacks are orchestrated. Get an overview of the principles of ethical hacking and the techniques and tools used by the white hat hacker.

Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering

The CEH certification is a pioneer in setting a global standard for ethical hacking. The EC-Council works to deliver only the latest technologies such as container technology, OTT technology, and involves hands-on hacking challenges as well. The credential is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Ford Motors, IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, Citi bank, and more. Take our CEH training to add this globally recognized credential to your portfolio and become a successful ethical hacker.

As part of this online CEH course, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have high relevance in the corporate world, and the curriculum designed by industry experts. Upon the completion of the CEH certification certified ethical hacker training, you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs. Intellipaat offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 support, and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fees.

Is Ethical Hacking a good career option?

Are you interested in network security and information technology—but perhaps want more of a challenge than typical IT provides? If so, ethical hacking certification is a unique way to set yourself apart from other IT professionals and add even more value to your organization. As a certified ethical hacker, you’ll use the same techniques as the bad guys to assess security and identify weaknesses, except you’ll use these hacking powers for good. Ethical hackers use the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers but deploy them to prevent intrusion and damage to IT systems. This 100% online course will prepare you for EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker exam (312-50).

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